Our Mission is to work together with our clients to build data-driven growth strategies, merging the online and offline worlds, to produce scalable, performance-based outcomes.

We Promise

  • To work hard to help you grow, making sure you are working towards your goals, building out the right ecosystem of potential clients.
  • To make sure you are telling the right story, explaining who you are and what you believe in.
  • To help you create value for your clients, fostering long-term relationships based on trust and understanding.
  • To create scale that is easily replicable, ensuring you have a pool of growing and loyal customers.

Our Team

Alexandra Kern

Head of Sales & Operations, Co-Founder
Alexandra Kern is originally from Venezuela, raised in Miami, where she grew up learning about new business development from her entrepreneurial family. She took her studies to Duke University, where she studied Political Science, Business and Marketing.

Alexandra then found her passion for data-driven marketing during her early days in Management Consulting from NYC to Nairobi. She focused her work on creating and implementing new innovation strategies in mobile learning, digital payments and digital marketing. She continued work in marketing and new venture during her MBA at Chicago Booth and post working in e-commerce across Latin America and the Caribbean.

Gonzalo Santamarina

Head of Product & Technology, Co-Founder
Gonzalo Santamarina grew up in Buenos Aires, where he became the essence of digital marketing. From a young child, Gonzalo experimented creating new websites with friends for fun, and hacking new ways to grow them. His passion continued into his career as he earned a Master in Marketing and Communication from the University of San Andrés, a top Latin American University.

He also gained an undergraduate degree in Advertising at Universidad de Ciencias Empresariales y Sociales. Gonzalo is the author of the book Remarketing in Argentina, having been one of the first to implement that technology in the country. Today Gonzalo is recognized as a digital marketing expert having worked in top firms across Latin America and USA, including MercadoLibre and Despegar.com.